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Formed in 2000 in Paris, SKD became one of the top 3 « One-stops-shops » in France within its first 18 months. Evolving from sub-distribution services onto a full Production and Distribution house, acquiring feature films and documentaries from all over the world and releasing them with major partners.


In 2004, Synkronized moved its main offices to the United States and became an inescapable brand on the independent content market and On Demand in North America as well as an independent producer and distributor for the Theatrical Marketplace, TV, VOD, Streaming, DVD and Festivals. Synkronized partnered with Eone in 2006, with over 80 releases, Millenium Entertainment in 2012 (36 releases), while producing a slot of films with Grindstone (Lions Gate). In 2016 Synkronized Films joined forces with Dream Factory Group headquartered in Beijing with offices in Los Angeles. Together, they produced 7 movies, including "Luce" for Neon and 5 for LionsGate. The partnership ended in 2019. In 2020, Synkronized entered a production partnership with American Entertainment Investors and Elipsis Capital on a 10 movie slots.


Synkronized has proven that quality independent productions can easily find its audience when strong distribution tools are coupled with aggressive PR plans. Thanks to a unique formula and business strategy, the company has never stopped expanding and acquiring market share.

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