SKD has distributed the work of some of the world’s major directors and box office worthy movies

Synkronized boasts the independent content industry’s preeminent end-to-end supply chain solution for physical and digital distribution. Synkronized is one of the only labels outside of the major studios to be exclusively distributed to the industry’s largest physical content providers (Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Sam’s Club) and is the leading independent supplier to digital platforms including iTunes, Netflix and all the VOD market.

With a catalog of over 250 film titles and over 100 TV properties, Synkronized has deals for the ongoing distribution of film titles produced by clients including Paramount, Amazon, LionsGate, SND/M6, Warner bros.,Netflix, Sony, Microsoft, among many others.

Synkronized is the perfect platform, with established relationships at all levels of the Entertainment industry. Our distribution activities consist in releasing top quality mainstream and independent films in the USA and Canada. We release this content through all medias: limited theatrical, Festivals, DVD, Internet Streaming, VOD, TV, pay-per-view, ancillary (hotel, planes and ships), mobile devised streaming and special press bundles operations. Synchronized is also regularly placing nationwide physical releases with Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Kmart. With over 100 releases in North America, Synchronized manages to place its movies in the top sales in every market with the help of its partners: Millenium/Alchemy, E1 Entertainment, Warner Bros Digital, Lionsgate, Maverick, Gravitas, Netflix and Lighting TV. SKD USA has an actual 100% market penetration in the North American market. We choose our movies based on top-of-the-qualities criteria and and box office estimations. The quality of our films has been recognized globally with hundreds of nominations and awards won in the most prestigious festivals (Cannes Film Festival, Golden Globes, Academy awards…..). We consider that each films requires a very specific and different distribution and marketing strategy. Therefore we change and adapt to every movie our marketing strategy, the promotion campaign, the medias through which the film will be released and the release date.

With 17 years of acquisitions, distribution and international sales history, The company is an exclusive label of industry aggregator representing over 200 releases annually. SKD today has direct open account and relations with 100s of the North American industry spectrum. In 2017, we aim at expanding our distribution and acquisitions activities to a wider spectrum, and our main objectives are the penetration of the theatrical market and the development of internet channels. Our main objective is to unite storytellers and audiences into one dynamic community. We efficiently bring the artistic content that the storytellers create, to the right audience. SKD aims at creating a dynamic community were the audiences receive the best cinematic content at the best economical value. SKD supports passion for storytelling and connects the storytellers to the relevant audiences. On the one hand we support storytellers economically and creatively by giving them the right platforms and means to share their artistic content. On the other hand, we bring unique artistic and creative content to our customers. Through our distribution and marketing strategies, we enable storytellers and artists to access passionate audiences and to share meaningful stories. In order to do so, we have built along the years a very specific and unique business strategy which enables Synkronized to position itself as the first independent company to establish partnerships with the majors and to expose content on the highest-viewed platforms.

Any Synkronized title is worth strong consideration: The company has excellent taste Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicles






Formed in 2000 in Paris, Synkronized quickly became one of the top 3 « One-stop-shop » in France. Gained by its success, the company quickly evolved onto a full Production and Distribution house, acquiring feature films and documentaries from all over the world and releasing them with major local partners such as Paramount Entertainment France, Sony Music France and France Loisirs Editions.

In 2004, Synkronized expanded and moved its main offices to the East Coast of the United States. The company soon became an inescapable act on the market of DVD and On Demand market in North America, partnering with MSI Music and becoming an independent producer and distributor for the Theatrical Marketplace, TV, On Demand, Streaming, DVD and music on CD. Synchronized moved its distribution to E1 Entertainment in 2006.

From 2012 to 2016, Synkronized’s productions, film library and releases are exclusively distributed by Millenium Entertainment/ Alchemy. With a catalog of over 150 movies and partnerships with the all key actors of the entertainment industry in the United States, SKD has proven that quality independent productions can easily find its audience when strong distribution tools are coupled with aggressive PR plans. Thanks to a unique formula and business strategy, the company has never stopped expanding and acquiring market shares.