Good Time Max

Story of two genius brothers who embark on separate paths, with one venturing toward hedonism and decadence while the other goes on a journey toward a brilliant medical career. However, both fall victim to similar obsessions of society.

Genre Drama 

Directed By James Franco 

Written By Merriwether Williams &  James Franco

Starring James Franco, Vince Jolivette, Wilmer Calderon 

Good Time Max is a low budget indie film with director/writer/actor James Franco. Co-writer Merriwether Williams and cinematographer David Klein, have collaborated on a number of projects with Franco over the past five years, with their most recent project, Good Time Max, always in the back of their minds. The story follows two brothers (Franco and Matt Bell) who are blessed with powerful intellects but take drastically different paths. One brother becomes successful in the medical world, but the other follows a drug-fueled, hedonistic existence and is eventually living on the street. Film is set in contemporary Los Angeles and filmed on super 16mm for a realistic and natural feel on a Very low budget.