Directed By Scott Coones 

Genre Comedy 

Starring Dalton Edward Phillips, Kelsey Pribilski 

Synopsis “iGirlfriend” is a fun, action-packed sci-fi teen comedy. Simon, the biggest geek in school and his neurotic sidekick, Peg, team up create an iPhone app to make it appear they have super-hot college girlfriends.  If they can pull off the facade, they can finally obtain the attention of the hottest high school girls they have always wanted to date.

Their plan works as the app helps land Peg the attention of the lead cheerleader and most popular girl in school.  Unfortunately for Peg, her current boyfriend is Bash, the school’s biggest bully. But for the moment, Peg is hanging out with the cool crowd and with his new-found popularity, he abandons his best buddy, Simon.  

Alone and now an outcast, Simon goes to work and channels his inner mad-scientist.  He writes a new app that leads to an experiment that becomes more alive than he imagined. After a supernatural intervention between his computer and a spiked energy drink, his creation miraculously comes to life.  Meet Lily, the world’s first human app that quickly turns into more woman than Simon can handle.

With the boys happily enjoying their new female companions, all is fun and games until Bash gets control of Simon’s computer.  Mayhem ensues after Bash manipulates Lily’s computer components, turning the super-sexy Lily into a super-charged machine that no man can control.

“Weird Science” meets “Mean Girls” is the theme of this fun, sexy, rom-com adventure!